The Sunday Fraggle report~Christmas edition.

Well that’s Christmas over and done with, just New Year to go. It’s been a good week. On Monday I woke up to an amazing sunrise when looked out the window, had to get the camera out quick!


On Tuesday I had a lovely drive up to the Scottish borders, amazing scenery, but a fair bit rainy. On my way home the moon rose and I got a couple of shots with the iPhone.


The road to the moon

Phil has been working hard on his model Tiger tank, and Skye has been his constant companion 🙂





It’s been nice to have some time off with family over Christmas. We had a quiet Christmas day, Phil went to visit the kids while I got to grips with making the Christmas dinner. And took photo’s 🙂



new whiskey glass for Phil from the grandkids..



and we had festive smelly candles


Yesterday was Boxing Day, and we had the kids, grandkids and Phil’s sister Annette with her hubby Brian over for a buffet tea which I made. I like vol-au-vents.


and it was great to see the madding crowd 🙂

Liddy the pink
Liddy the pink

with grandad



Loony Liv


Mad Matty
Mad Matty
Cool Cal
Cool Cal

and all the family



And I’ve been playing with some roses Phil got for me




and I’ve been chasing sunshine around the house



And that’s it for this week. Still got another day off tomorrow yay. Have been thinking about doing a photography project for next year, but haven’t decided which way to go yet, watch this space I guess!

laters gaters

🙂 ❤


13 thoughts on “The Sunday Fraggle report~Christmas edition.

  1. Oh. Fraggy these are so awesome!!!!! Where to start… Well while it sticks in my mind, I just love that little peanut, I wanna squeeze her cheeks;)! The other kids look grand.
    I love that they got something special for grampa;)❤️.
    Fantastic road shots too woman. You make me wanna get back out there.
    It’s raining today,still rather warm for this time of year…….45!!!
    Dave took me for a drive yesterday, I’m still in some pain, so no walking yet.
    Starting to pack for my trip. Ok, till we meet again😘🍷cheers to you and Phil❤️

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  2. It’s been weirdly mild here too but we finally got some (freezing) rain and snow last night. Made for a crummy drive in to work this morning and I hear there’s much more on the way.
    I love the little guy with the bowtie and suspenders. I always did like a snappy dresser.

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  3. What a nice holiday gathering! Ours was lovely, but I didn’t take photos . . . instead, just kicked back and enjoyed it. Here, we are in the middle of “blistering cold” weather (55 F with 30 mph winds) and a fire along the coast while the east coast is enjoying 74! Oh well! It’s great to spend time with family. 😉

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  4. I can just imagine you chasing those precious rays of sun around your house. I think my favorite is the seashell with the light glowing through it, but I also really like the second rose photo.
    Enjoy your time off of work – Happy New Year!

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