The Fraggle report

Not the best of weeks, so am late with my post, Sunday came and went and I couldn’t find the words really. regular readers will know my little cat Storm was diagnosed with renal adenoma back in September and not given long to live. But she carried on unaware of her future and we loved her lots and even hoped they’d got it wrong, she seemed so OK. But  last week she started going downhill, and though we tried convincing ourselves she was just having a  bad couple of days, by Thursday night we knew the time had come. Unfortunately I had promised to visit my son and grandson this weekend, and couldn’t let them down. So I went off down south to see them, and Phil had to take Storm to the vets on his own.  Really that’s all I need say, anyone that has had a beloved pet will have gone through the rest.



It was good to see Ben and spend the day with him. He looked too skinny so I took him out for lunch and dinner 🙂

OriginalPhoto-471554486.627397 (1)

and then we went to pick up Lewis from school and took him to Toys R Us so he could choose christmas presents. That didn’t turn out too easy as the store is so huge, but he loved trying out the cars.



On Saturday I went to visit my friend Helen, and the weather was really bad so we stayed in, apart from food shopping, and then has a yummy dinner.

I got home Sunday and have had a couple of days off. Had to take Phil to hospital today for laser eye surgery for his glaucoma, which was over and done with really quickly, and he’s OK, though he says everything looks a bit darker.

Not much photography done then on the whole, I had a strange sky to drive home to,


and I put up the Christmas tree last weekend and forgot to take a picture of it so here it is 🙂


and am trying to take pictures of the birds in my front garden, but failing to get anything decent, so here’s a not so great one of Mr.Robin. Must improve on that!


So that’s my week and a bit, off to work tomorrow then more days off, fingers xt to do something with my camera!

laters gaters

😉 ❤


23 thoughts on “The Fraggle report

  1. Aww sorry Fraggy, I kept telling Dave, I feel something is up with Fraggy… I was getting a bit concerned, buy then I saw u answered one of the comments on your last posts, so i figured it was just he weather.. And the season..
    Hope your other feline will be ok? With storm missing . Poor baby, and poor Phil having to go alone .
    The kids look great 😉 loved your bokeh tree.
    Cheers Fraggy, here’s hoping to an easier couple of week s🍻

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    1. Thanks Kathy,I know you know what it’s like to lose a pet, even one that drives you mad, which Storm did, but I miss her driving me mad! Skye is just fine, things are what they are to her, and she’s still as mad as a box of frogs and driving Phil mad with her adoration. Still trying to get over it all. 😕

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      1. I’m glad they found you, and storm got live life to the fullest with you and Phil!!
        Yep, it’s gonna take some time. I’m sure Skye will fill up that emptiness , the best she can 💔.
        I really felt something was up , take care.

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  2. The Sunday without your report felt sad, because it seemed to me that it could be something else going in your life. I was hoping that it was a busy event, sadly it’s about a member of your family. Give you a time to clean her toys and plates, a time to rest a bit. I know the rest of the cats feel it too so you have to care that they eat and play… And also is important that you realize you did everything in your power to help her
    A hug from far away dear fragglerocking…

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  3. I am so sorry to hear about your cat, and know how hard it is to lose a pet. There is kindness in the relief of her pain, even though you are left with your own. My thoughts to you there. Hugs!

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  4. I’m sorry about you lovely cat! We’ll remember her well in her photos 🙂
    I love the bokeh in your Christmas tree photo.
    A big hug from the US!

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