The Sunday Fraggle Report.

It’s kind of getting horrible here. Not much sunshine, a lot of the autumn leaves are down on the ground, and it’s getting cold. The clock went back an hour last night making evenings dark quickly, so it’s getting to that time of year where days out with the camera are not so many, and cosying up at home seems a better option.  So I have given myself a little project to do.  A little while ago I got my old film photo’s out of the loft as I was looking for a particular shot, and realised how many I have.  And it appears that although I took up photography ‘seriously’ about 7 years ago, I have been taking pictures all my life since being a teenager. I can’t remember many of the cameras I used, and I didn’t know anything technical. I didn’t do it as a hobby, I just took pictures.  So In the winter months I’m sorting them out, scanning and posting them, more as an archive for me, and to have fun remembering stuff in the dim and distant past, and cringing/laughing at how bad some of them are, and being pleasantly surprised with a few happy accidents too! I’m pants at remembering dates but will try hard to figure out the whens and the wheres, and if anyone needs a fraggle fix, they can find the posts on FRAGGLEFILM,  or go through the link on the menu up top, it would be so nice to see you there 🙂

Of course the usual blog continues as always, probably now with more cat pictures than gardens, 🙂

Skye & Storm
Skye & Storm 🙂
New blog looks nice! :)
New blog looks nice! 🙂

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18 thoughts on “The Sunday Fraggle Report.

  1. Aww Fraggy, you sound a bit sad;(! We thought about you guys today, as our football team played in your country.
    It’s a typical fall day here, mid 50’s wet!!! I was going to go out into the village and shoot houses, but… The weather got the best of me . Loved looking at your old stuff. I have boxes and boxes of pics. Every winter I bring them all out and say I’m going to sort through them;))) I do get started… But…. Well loose interest or get all melancholy.
    Looks like I’ll be shuffling off to Bflo some time this week… Maybe I’ll get to go shooting with my b.inlaw.
    Ok, making baked Ziti, gotta run… Xxxxxx

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  2. You guys have daylight savings there, too? Ugh. I hate it. We set our clocks back next week.

    But it’s crazy that you’re posting this right now: I just finished going through a bunch of my childhood stuff and came across a few of my old cameras. I have a bunch of film that needs to be developed, and you should have seen my old cameras! Huge and clunky, and then my first digital cameras had the tiniest screens… Lol. Amazing how quickly “cutting edge” technology becomes obsolete!

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  3. It’s barely gotten horrible and already I’m yearning for the less horrible days ahead. Glad you’ll have a project to pass the time. Must look into that for myself 😉

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