The Fraggle Report~ Eindhoven part 1

Last weekend we went off to Eindhoven in Holland for a scale model show, which Phil wanted to attend and put some of his models into the competition there. There’s no quick and easy way to get there from Newcastle, so we drove down to Folkestone and stayed overnight in our fave hotel, The Relish.

The Relish
The Relish

our room was on the right in the middle, and our view was..


We had a lovely Chinese meal at our fave restaurant



before setting off early in the morning to catch the ferry from Dover to Calais.

White Cliffs
White Cliffs

I didn’t take any photo’s on the journey through France & Belgium as I was doing the driving. The model show was at NH Koningshof conference centre, which was huge, and set in a lush forest next to a national park, which was a nice surprise for me and my camera!

The Conference centre
The Conference centre
The Car Park
The Car Park
View from our balcony
Looking downΒ from our balcony
looking up from our balcony
looking up from our balcony
an atrium in the centre
an atrium in the centre

They set up a cafeteria for the model show in the stage room..


amazing window..


So a really nice venue in all. Β We arrived on the Saturday evening for the show on Sunday, so I’ll post about that next time.


  1. Living in the sprawl of the states, I find it so interesting that you can sail across a bit of water and drive through three or four countries! A lot of nice shots – I especially like the stained glass and dining tables.

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    1. I guess really it’s a bit like driving across the US, each state a little different from the rest, but you have the advantage of speaking the same language! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to come back to USA, hubby has promised me a road trip east to west when we give up work. 😊


      1. The journey coast to coast is great – I’ve done it a few times, taking different interstates. It is also wonderful to go north to south in different sections . . . and just wander, too. There is a lot to see! And you are right, the language is pretty much the same, though there are large enclaves where Spanish is a second language, as are other European or native languages.

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  2. Very kool
    Fraggy!! And how kool to be driving though those places as well , even if you couldn’t get photos. Loved you choice of hotels , awesome views. They’d the garden!! And that stained glass window.. Wow!!!!
    Well I’m back home now, hopefully I’ll post tomorrow;)

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  3. How lucky you are that you get to drive through France and Belgium on your way to Holland. In Canada, we drive through Whitby to get to Toronto. Not as exciting. I am glad that you were pleased with the benue and oh my god, that Chinese food looks so good.

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  4. Ok, I’m crazy enough to admit that I actually have taken photos while driving. There just aren’t many options when you’re on a road trip by yourself! I had to stop because the quality of photos was so low that I decided it wasn’t worth dying for πŸ™‚
    I love the shot of the atrium with the bright light coming through the square windows and creating such a sharp pattern on the floor. The stained-glass window is great too!
    Cheers πŸ™‚

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