The Howick Hall Gardens report ~ part 3

Part 1 and Part 2

I’m back from Holland, and of course have come home with more photo’s to get through, so am finishing off my report on Howick Gardens so I’m not too behind.

After finding the ginormous leaves, we walked along the riverside to have a look at the church in the grounds.

Sluice gates on the river,
Sluice gates on the river,
fruits of the Big Leaves
fruit of the Ginormous Leaves
Bridge to the church
Bridge to the church

The church is a victorian building, and houses the tomb of the Prime Minister, 2nd Earl Grey, but other than that the interior was a bit boring to be honest. Outside was more interesting,

church door
church door
heads up
heads up

The small stone gargoyles on the exterior of the north wall were all carved by Maria, 3rd Countess Grey, who was a good amateur artist, but sadly she never got round to doing the south side.

Children didn’t always live too long in this era..


Lilian, aged 2, & Sylvia, born and died on the same day.

Lots of leaves to be found with rain drops decorating them..





and some really fine spidey webs..



After Church we went back to the Hall for lunch in the Earl Grey Tea House, which was beautiful

The Earl Grey Tea House

I had a rather lush duck & orange pate on toast …


And then back outside to walk it off and take a few more shots before going home.


eyeballing the competition


another big leaf
another big leaf
lost feather
lost feather






those were all taken with the Fuji XT1 using the 60mm macro lens (much maligned in the Fuji owners world!) and my 18-55mm zoom. But of course I always take the iPhone along and these next few are from the phone.

The Hall
The Hall
Sophie on a bridge
Sophie on a bridge
odd one out
odd one out


pink hearts



and that was the end of our day out.

Now to sort out my next lot of photo’s,

laters gaters





23 thoughts on “The Howick Hall Gardens report ~ part 3

  1. Oh what a great walk Fraggy. The lush greenery to start with .. We won’t see that again till may;) and I loved that window , oh and of course the gargoyles!!
    And such interesting grave sites?!
    Loved your macro work, I didn’t get to do too much of that on my recent adventure, being with the Hubby.. Gotta always hurry.. To go no where ;)) .
    I can’t wait to see Holland!!!! Thanks for taking us along 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved so many that I can’t remember them all. I especially loved the one of the ornate church door, the gargoyles and the children’s graves. And oh my, the ones of the lush greenery were incredible too. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing them.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Can’t believe you are unaware of one of life’s great culinary masterpieces! Take yourself to the best Chinese restaurant that you know and order half a duck with pancakes. It’s like having a a party in your mouth.


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