The Fraggle Report~ Spidey edition

When practicing photography, a piece of advice that is often given, is to do a study of something, take pictures of it at different angles, with different lenses different times of the day.  So I did the first two yesterday morning. All these webs are the work of one busy chap. I used my fuji XT1 with 18-55mm zoom, and 60mm macro.

House of Spider
House of Spider
The Extension
The Extension
Christmas lights



The Webmaster
The Webmaster
Not a tangled web
come into my parlour...
come into my parlour…

So tomorrow am having a day out with Sophie yay! and we are taking our cameras to Howick Hall,which has some amazing gardens, not been before so really looking forward to it. 🙂

laters gaters



40 thoughts on “The Fraggle Report~ Spidey edition

  1. Well won’t that be fun!!! Can’t wait to see ..what you see;)
    Mr. Spider loves your pine cones;) that’s are awesome captures Fraggy, non-photogs have NO idea how hard it is to get a good web, and you my Dear.. Have done an awesome job!!!! 🎃🔭
    Tomorrow I’m going on my scarecrow hunt;)

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  2. These series shows your great skill to show the 3D rendering of a plane and fine subject in a 2D medium as photography. I’d love to have one day your skill. Wonderful series ^_^


  3. It is fun to study one thing from many angles. The most mundane can become quite sublime. Dew-covered spider webs are really poetry – and you caught them wonderfully.


  4. I really love them all, but the first one with the cones is soooooo amazing. Apologies, I am so behind with your postings (& Miss Kathy S) 😞. I will go through each & every one I missed these last few months. I am sure I have missed some brilliant images.

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  5. The spider did a lovely job of creating a beautiful radiating web, and you did a great job of capturing it. I’ve tried to do these types of photos as well. What time of day and what angle of light paid the greatest dividends?

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      1. Ooh! You’re a smart one 🙂
        I hope that the spider didn’t mind the extra bit of water.
        Anyway, the photos are stunning and I’m truly inspired.


  6. I like the compositions and colors and the balance between in-focus and out of-focus areas in various light conditions. Amazing how much potential these lenses have in the hands of a fab photographer like you. Awesome series, Fraggy.

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