The Shillington Church Report

During the Scarecrow Festival we came across All Saints Church, which as well as being a beauty, has a really great view. The church stands on a hill of domed chalk, and is built of ironstone (an iron rich sandstone with a mineral giving a greenish colour which darkens to brown on exposure to light).  It has been a place of worship for over 1000 years, with the present building dating from 1400 with only minor changes.

We met the vicar while we were there and asked to take photo’s, he showed us some of the interesting stuff.

Firstly a few of the church’s pillars have graffiti on, not modern as they resemble medieval drawings and have been there since anyone can remember, but no-one knows what they mean or who did them.


Tantalising mysteries!

He also pointed us to the crypt, which is thought to have held a relic, but no-one knows what that was either!

On the way to the crypt
On the way to the crypt

That’s well old English, and I can just about make out ‘Here lyeth Thomas..’ but that’s it!

In the crypt
In the crypt
spidey home
spidey home
Saints in hiding
Saints in hiding
Crypt staircase
Crypt staircase

Back upon the main hall there are some beautiful stain glass windows



and simple ones too..shillchurch-3

The chancel and nave are separated by a rood screen..common to late medieval churches

rood screen

The ceiling was amazing..


and the light throughout the church was lush..





Outside there was a graveyard..



and the view was spectacular. The fuji has a panorama setting so I tried it out..

fuji pano
fuji pano

but I also turned to portrait pano, which whilst it doesn’t encompass as much, seems better to me..


so that’s the end of my visit down South, it will be winter when I get back there, or at least late autumn, so it was nice to have blue sky days.

laters gaters


6 thoughts on “The Shillington Church Report

    1. Cheers Jay, 😊 it’s always about the light. I love seeing movies where the director has used light and shade, The Duelists by Ridley Scott is my fave, one day I’ll take photos like that.


  1. Love that sky Fraggy, and such beautiful stained glass… That cob web room….. Excellent work!!!
    As I sit here scratching;)) thinking of what might be luring around there;)))
    Well u had an awesome time, so glad for you!!! And so fantastic to see it all, thanks Fraggy for sharing your adventure❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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