The Sunday Fraggle report~ Mogs on the Tyne edition

On Thursday Sophie and I went into Newcastle to do lunch at the new cat cafe, Mog on The Tyne. A clever name as there is a famous song by a local famous group, Lindisfarne, called Fog on the Tyne :).  The cafe only opened a couple of weeks ago after 2 years in the planning, and Sophie booked us in for a 1hr slot at lunchtime. It’s £5 to book, and that money goes to the upkeep of the cats, of which there are 10, and then you can buy lunch & drinks too.  All the cats are rescue cats and most are just beyond kitten hood, I think that’s so they grow up used to people and the environment.  Sophie doesn’t have cats of her own as she travels to Spain several times a year, so she was thrilled to get some pussy cat time. We hadn’t factored in that it’s still school holidays here, so there were a fair few youngsters who of course don’t give a monkey’s that you’re trying to take photo’s and get in the way a lot! We will return when kids are back to school!

snooze bucket
snooze bucket ~ Rum
play bucket
play bucket~Tyrion
snooze tube
snooze tube~Sybil
let me in!
let me in! ~Tyrion & Tokyo
plenty of room for 2
plenty of room for 2
where'd ya go?
where’d ya go?
gimme some lovin'
gimme some lovin’
colour co-ordinated
colour co-ordinated
not colour co-ordinated
not colour co-ordinated~Jaffa
snooze perch
snooze perch~Francis
cool cat
cool cat~ Tinks
Stan the man
Stan the man

a couple of iPhone snaps


It’s a great place to have lunch, we had Chicken & chorizo pannini’s which were delicious and I had a great cup of tea, very good price too. It’s already very popular and gets full booked really quickly. Open hours are 10am til 8pm with a closure between 3pm & 5pm for cat naps.

their website can be found HERE.

Queue to get in for the next session.
Queue to get in for the next session.

laters gaters



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