The Fraggles Roadtrip Report :)

It’s not often I get to be a passenger on a long journey, I’m always the driver, but this week I went to Manchester and back with my pal Brenda.

Brenda (iphone6)

Brenda and her gigantic hire car..

The Behemoth
The Behemoth

This is a Nissan Pathfinder, it has some cool features, a screen with a video link to a camera in the back which shows you how to reverse, I thought that to pass your driving test you had to be able to do that with wing mirrors!!

reversing for idiots
reversing for idiots πŸ™‚ (iphone6)

but it was noisy (diesel) and took ages to go from standing to moving. The windscreen wipers came on automatically at the first sign of water on the screen, and when you switch the ignition on the car alters the drivers seat into the optimum position for your height!

It’s a modern world.

There are several ways from us to get there and back, and we travelled back up the M6 which has some beautiful scenery. So I took my camera and did some drive by shootings. πŸ™‚

We stopped for something to eat at Lancashire service station, where there is an old sky restaurant no longer in use, you can’t get up to it as the lift has been disabled, but would have loved to see the view from up there.

Lancashire service station
Lancashire service station

We (sadly) only had the option of Burger King. I guess even trappist monks have to eat..

Dalai Burger
Dalai Burger (Iphone6)

These were all taken at 70mph through the carΒ windows,

mountains ahead
mountains ahead





leaving the mountains behind
Spaceship landing on a plinth
Spaceship landing on a plinth.

Tomorrow Sophie and I are going back to the Farne Islands, this time taking our zoom lenses. Excited!!!

laters gaters


11 thoughts on “The Fraggles Roadtrip Report :)

  1. That highway looks from a fantasy land, but then again UK landscape is part of fantasy of books and movies πŸ™‚ The burger monk was a funny capture. Thanks kind lady, happy weekend.

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  2. 70 mph.. ?well I am very impressed!!! Fraggs these are awesome photos!!
    It’s been pouring here i mean POURING!! The roads have been closed due to flooding Who knew Fl. Monsoons were now;( suppose to rain the rest of the week . Thanks for shari g your awesome collection , I can only hope to have some that are as worthy of viewing

    Liked by 1 person

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