The Wetlands Report~ part 1

A few weeks ago we took our grandson Cal out for the day to the wetlands park not far from where we live. It’s a bird sanctuary mostly, with a fab collection of birds from around the world, but they also have an insect garden,and otters, though they were not about this day. I can never remember most of the birds names, sorry about that!

Cal ready with seeds  

Lots of birds to see and feed, and quite a few with chicks as it was, probably still is, breeding season here.


Cal wanted a rest every 100 yards 🙂

I need a rest
I need a rest

but we persuaded him to carry on…

grinning and baring
grinning and  bearing
The Andrews Sisters
The Andrews Sisters
Strange blue headed bird
Strange blue billed bird
Penshaw Monument in the distance.
Penshaw Monument in the distance.
Daisy (probably 🙂 )

I took quite a few photo’s, all with the Fuji, and will post some more of course, but that’s it for now. Travelling far again tomorrow for work, so got to get prepared.

laters gaters



16 thoughts on “The Wetlands Report~ part 1

  1. The flowers and birds are great, but I really like the photos of Cal. He is really photogenic and his personality shines through your photos 🙂

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