The Fraggle Report ~ Flora & Fauna

Apart from my weekend outings to fascinating places, I’ve still been going to work and taking pictures when I get chance, the cats still strike a good pose now and then, and hubby still buys me flowers to photograph as a surprise.

So here are a few non-historic bits and bobs before I move on to the day trip to the Farne Islands.

The cats are thriving, sort of, when they’re not puking up, which is a common occurrence. They drive us mad mostly, we are not used to such needy beings! Cats are supposed to be self sufficient more or less, eat their grub, chase a bird in the garden then sleep for 10 hours. Β Skye is just bonkers at wanting to play, wanting tickles, wanting to sit on Phil’s knee when ever he sits down, she goes out the front window, comes in the side cat flap, goes out the back window comes in through the conservatory door, but she is SO cute.

Sky hiding under the bed
Sky hiding under the bed (iphone 6)
skye under the table
Skye eating grass to chuck up
Skye eating grass to chuck up (Fuji XT1)
Skye worn out at last
Skye worn out at last (Iphone6)

Storm is not so needy and also doesn’t bother going out. That’s because the food bowl is inside, and the cuddles at reading time. She lives for mealtimes, and starts yowlingΒ at you for about an hour before dinner time & has to have a snack to keep her from driving us insane. If I’m at the table reading she’ll jump up and plonk herself in the curve of my arm or sit on the newspaper so I can’t read, so I now read on a stood up iPad so she can have her tickles and I can read my book!

reading time
reading time (Iphone6)
soaking up the rays
soaking up the rays (fuji XT1)
cool cat
cool cat (Iphone6)

So they are keeping us busy/exasperated/entertained. πŸ™‚

My lovely hubby bought me some beautiful flowers, which were photographed extensively for my SX70 project, the best one of them in the batch

Flowers rounded
Flowers (polaroid SX70)

But I also used them to test out my new 50-230 lens, the flowers are in my conservatory and I was in the dining room!

flowers zoomed
flowers zoomed (fuji XT1)

Phil decided to mow the lawn at the weekend, but I wanted to photograph a daisy patch that has appeared on it, and he mowed round them so I could photograph them in the evening light (best hubby ever!)

daisy patch
daisy patch (fuji XT1)

we also had our 1st BBQ of the year

BBQ at last!
BBQ at last! (polaroid SX70)

and talking of food, Phil cooked breakfast and find a double yolk, that’s lucky!

three's up!
three’s up! (iphone6)

and I cooked Sunday lunch.

Roast Lamb with rosemary, garlic & thyme :)
Roast Lamb with rosemary, garlic & thyme :)(Iphone6)

Last week I took some shots of a poppy field near Hexam, and made a panorama

Poppy!! (Nikon S1)
Poppy Pano
Poppy Pano(Nikon S1)

That one’s better clicked on. I did the pano in PS, even though LR can now do them, I think I prefer the PS way, not quite as quick, but more options.

Finally summer kind of arrived, and my Happy Eater tree has had quite a few new visitors which has been exciting, lots of youngsters I haven’t seen before.

Mr.Blackbird feeding his teenager!
Mr.Blackbird feeding his teenager!

Was surprised that Daddy Blackbird is still feeding his chicks, especially as Β they are both bigger than him now!

Juvenile Bullfinch
Juvenile Bullfinch

I am pretty sure this is a juvenile bullfinch, I had to look on the RSPB bird identifier and it’s the only similar one. It’s about 4 years since I saw an adult bullfinch on my tree, he came for 3 days and never returned, so it is exciting if this is indeed one. Fingers xt.


This was a wow to see 2 of them at the feeder, I do get them now and again, they usually go for the niger seed I have especially for them, but these two are happy with common or garden (what a daft phrase) birdseed.

Another wow was to see a young one πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Juvenile goldfinch
Juvenile goldfinch

another first! Crap, I’m turning into a twitcher!!! I don’t know why it’s exciting to watch birds on the Happy Eater Tree, I probably need therapy.

SO that’s Fraggles life when not being historical, (or hysterical when it comes to the cats).

Laters Gaters







17 thoughts on “The Fraggle Report ~ Flora & Fauna

    1. At the 2012 Olympics opening, they had Tim Burners-Lee do a little speech on how he invented the WWW. He said he didn’t envision just how many cats there would be on it. πŸ™‚ so I have to disagree, the Internet wasn’t invented for them, they just completely took it over and bossed it. Which is what they do πŸ™‚


  1. LoL Fraggy, your Feline are so very photogenic, other than that it sounds just like my house .. Yes including the up chucking ()(!!!!
    Your meals look deelish, tour flowers ., outstanding !! And.. I so excited you gave do many birdies in your yard, I can remember way back when you couldn’t get a one to come visit πŸ˜‰
    As always I’m entertained by your goings on πŸ˜‰ have a great rest of the week ❀️

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      1. Sorry about that! I turned off the comments because I needed to gain a bit of distance from another blogger (I hate being obsessive!) But I’m over it now, and I’ll reopen my posts to comments.
        Thank you so much for reading! I really wish I could add a bit more lust to my posts, but I’m just not that girl πŸ™‚ Maybe someday…
        Best wishes!

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  2. I always used to have my eggs “sunny side up” but have recently taken to flipping them over for the last minute in the pan. You probably didn’t need to know that, but I thought I’d share πŸ˜‰

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