Mount Grace Priory~ part 6

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Of course when there is such a garden as the one at Mount Grace you  have to get the macro lens in full swing on the camera, it would be rude not to. 🙂 My 60mm macro does quite a good job I think.

And this ends my outing to the priory, a lovely day for me to remember and fun to be out with Sophie. Hope my WPeeps have had a good weekend, am off to Scotland to work tomorrow, hope to get a few views through the camera 🙂

laters gaters


20 thoughts on “Mount Grace Priory~ part 6

      1. BTW I thought it was my slow connection but I see you had the same problem. I couldn’t see your carrousel… I tried to open each one from the reader and after that I opted to see from your home page, I think in one of those attempts I finally could see your photographs. I would never drop you a mechanical thanks without see and enjoy your posts 🙂

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  1. I really like the purple flowers with the building in the background. You and your lens did a great job! Safe travels to Scotland 🙂

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