cats and polaroids

Just a quickie, am practicing a lot for my SX70 Project so here are a couple from my latest batch, the cats of course…

Storm moved just as I pressed the shutter, and the light caught her left eye in a weird way and so this makes me laugh.

Storm looking mad as a cut snake
Storm looking mad as a cut snake

Skye is sulking because we attached a lovely pink and sparkly collar to her as she has started wandering outside and we don’t want anyone to think she is a neglecterino.

Sky (sulking)
Sky (sulking)

Had to catch Storm sunbathing in my bathroom πŸ™‚

International Cat of Mystery
International Cat of Mystery

laters gaters


14 thoughts on “cats and polaroids

  1. Oh you’re such a busy bee!
    These are quite different for you (at least from what I’ve seen), but I do like the mysteriousness, it suits your subjects well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jay, I am documenting my battles with Polaroid there’s links in the menu up top there, so I do a fair amount, but sadly do not seem to be improving. But it is fun πŸ™‚


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