The Fraggle holiday report~part 2

Onwards ever onwards!

Firstly I forgot to take a shot of the hedge in it’s nearly finished stage yesterday so here is that one.

lumpy hedge
lumpy hedge

I think it was at this stage that Phil decided that next year we’ll ‘get a man in‘.

Anyway, yesterday we got up early and headed off to Leighton Buzzard to spend the afternoon with Ben. Not too bad a journey down the M1 inspite of several miles (and miles) of road works with the maximum speed allowed 50mph.  No jams or hold ups so we made it in 4 1/2hrs.

We took Ben and Charlotte out to lunch,

Ben & Charlotte
Ben & Charlotte

at the Swan Hotel, part of the Weatherspoons franchise.

The Swan
The Swan

as you can see, quite a nice day, no rain 🙂 Leighton Buzzard is a very old Market town, the Market Cross was built probably in the 15th century and there’s a brief and interesting history of it HERE.

original statue
original statue of Virgin Mary

it really is an amazing structure when you find out all about it, there are 3 other statues, not in the greatest of conditions, but still holding up.

Market cross
Market cross

I did a vertorama using 5 horizontal shots with my Nikon S1 and merging in Lightroom, am really impressed with this feature, works really smoothly.

Market Cross & Phil
Market Cross & Phil

seen on the way back to the car park…


when the afternoon grew late, we got back in the car and went home up the A1, a few traffic jams as a lot of it is dual carriageway, but no roadworks and as the M1 was jammed right up being a Bank Holiday weekend, we did the right thing and made it home in 5hrs, not bad for a Friday! When it was Phil’s turn to drive I took a few iPhone shots out of the car window, none of which came out really well, so I applied a bit of Faffography with some apps and quite liked the result.

The A19~faffed
The A19~faffed
Gold fields
Gold fields

It was quite late when we got home, so didn’t wake up til late this morning, and Phil decided to finish the hedge.

The End
The End

So that is a huge job done. My hubby is awesome!

Today has been a big day for the cats as they have now had their anti-everydiseasepossible jabs they are allowed outside. AT 5 nearly 6 years old, going outside for the 1st time ever has been a big thing for them. We waited til 1/2hr before feeding time (so they wouldn’t go too far!) and left the conservatory door open while we sat outside having a cuppa. Storm was the bravest and came out to have a good explore.

Boldly going...
Boldly going…

Skye was not quite so brave…

shall I shan't I???
shall I shan’t I???
that'll be a 'nope'
that’ll be a ‘nope’

but eventually, a few hours later when it was all quiet, she made her way out and had a little sniff about.

OK I'm cool
OK I’m cool

not the best shots as I used Phils iphone quickly before she got spooked, but they’ll do.

We were going to have a Bar B Q as I spent a long time cleaning it up today, but the clouds came over at dinner time, I made a fab sauce which I’m calling Fraggles Black Magic sauce, the ingredients of which are..

Black Magic sauce ingredients
Black Magic sauce ingredients

and I marinated some chicken pieces in the sauce, then roasted them for 1/2 hour, was totally lush.

Tomorrow I’m off out with Sophie, going to find the Hermits cave up in Walkworth, exciting day to come!


laters gaters





9 thoughts on “The Fraggle holiday report~part 2

  1. Ohh my.. Where do I start… First tell Phil he did an awesome job on the bushes;)! Benniboy looks well;) what a great little hike you guys took. Having a great time looking at them, I’ll show Dave in a bit.
    And.. I think I’m gonna try your marinade tomorrow ;)!!!
    Enjoy your time with Sophie, can’t wait to see what you shoot;)))!
    Ok I’m gonna try to use your directions …now!! As we had a full day today;)!!! In the city;)! And didn’t get mugged….❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool if you’re using my marinade the quantities are as follows :-
      Dark soya sauce…loads
      Light soya sauce….also loads
      Honey……………….as much loads as the soya sauce
      Hot sauce…………. Loads to offset the sweetness, to taste
      Lime juice………3 big splashes
      Wine vinegar…2 splashes

      It’s lush with salmon too.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s called Fraggles black Magic Sauce. The trick is to cook the chicken pieces in it in the oven for 30 mins, then tip the sauce into a saucepan, add more of everything, bring to the boil and then thicken with a little cornflour. Meanwhile leave chicken pieces on oven at low heat while sauce is cooking. Serve chicken pieces with sauce on rice, or marinate to death and serve on buns at Bar B Q


  2. The portrait of your husband looks quite formidable, that effect is what I like so much when I stitch my images. Shadowland also is great with that symmetry between the cloud and the ground, the mood makes me think in the Tim Burton’s short stop motion movies. Thanks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Looks like you’re enjoying your vacation. The adventure story of your cats made me smile. Fabulous report. Did you see the cats eyes in my final dandelion post? I was thinking about you and your little friends when I worked them into the composition. Have a good time and lots of fun. Reinhold

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Frag- you are just delightful!
    Tell Phil to definitely get a man in next year. Haha! Course- if he’s like my hubby, he’ll never call for help. NEVER!!!!

    The kitty babies first trip out makes me smile!! So glad you documented it and your commentaries have me roaring.

    Liked by 1 person

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