turning Lemons into Lemon Aid

Wanted to introduce my regular readers to a special lady who has a fabulous artistic way with photo’s, and is just getting the hang of WP, show some love people, you’ll get it right back 🙂


well, i still have a lot to learn here, don’t trash your drafts… or you’ll be starting over….

we had a wonderful week end, weather was great here, i think it might be safe to say.. winter is over:)

welcome to the twon of Canadaigua welcome to Canadaigua

our first plans were spoiled, it would have taken us a distance away, and on another finger lake. when that didnt happen.. i had to make the best of it.. so we went to 2 of out favorite spots.. Canadaigua Lake (a finger Lake) for lunch and then i bribed my Husband , so i could catch a sunset on our GREAT LAKE..which we share with Canada… Lake Ontario..

main streetfishing for His dinner main street

bribing my Husband with ice cream bribing my Husband with ice cream

one of the best burger joints on the Lake one of the best burger joints on the Lake

the clock is ticking, gotta find my place the clock is ticktickticking…

fog rolling in... the other side of this great lake is Canada fog rolling in ..from Canada

heres birdies birdies here birdies here birdies

not only did i see an awesome array of color, but this older couple were a hoot.  He even said to me Hey.. your Husband told em to tell you.. ya know theres gonna be another sunset tomorrow not only did i see an awesome array of…

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