The Sunday Fraggle Report~part 2

As well as taking pictures in Wardley colliery I also walked through the woods that are between the metro lines and our estate, too many pictures to post separately so here’s a gallery. It was great to see spring shoots on the plants and shrubs along the way, not so cool to see the rubbish left behind by people.

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12 thoughts on “The Sunday Fraggle Report~part 2

      1. No, no… not more parts from you. More comment from ME. 🙂 Beautiful shots of nature and shocking images of left behinds of people who do not understand that this nature is all what we have. Nice that you show us the beauty of nature and landscapes. May be more people should see the world through a view finder. Thanks for showing and sharing both sides. Makes me think.

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  1. So many favourites here :-), thanks for the beautiful meadows and the diversity in flowers. what a pity for the garbage, someday the humankind will disappear and our cities are going to be desert dust, but pyramids and plastic bottles seems to last as our only monuments.

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  2. Nice slide show! Wonderful nature shots and I think it’s fitting you captured the litter too. I don’t get people sometimes. Why are we humans so inconsiderate?
    I’ve liked your Facebook page!!! Woo Hoo! (I’m on as Biker Rags.)

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