The XT1 cat report

I think I’ll have to do a separate blog for these ladies, they are such excellent subjects to practice on.  I used the fixed 35mm lens and also tried out the B&W film setting in the XT1 as a jpeg and not in lightroom, highlights were a bit bonkers considering she was in a shady room and the light was coming from the kitchen window a good way from her. Had to slide the slider right down, which isn’t so effective on a jpeg as RAW obviously. I think there are settings in the camera to clip the highlights and make a preset, but I can’t get my head around all that yet.

Storm in B&W
Storm in B&W jpeg

This afternoon my macro lens arrived. It doesn’t have brilliant reviews so another shall I shan’t I few days, the alternative is some mega expensive zeiss lens but my budget only stretched to a 2nd hand fuji60mm.  What decided me was going to the flickr site and seeing what people had done with the fuji lens, they looked OK to me so I took the plunge.

Skye's eye macro
Skye’s eye macro RAW

I can live with that.

The cats are doing just fine now, really settled in well, can’t wait to get them vaccinated next week so we can start letting them out and we can have the bliddy windows open!

laters gaters


19 thoughts on “The XT1 cat report

    1. I have counted out the 10-24 so far as I have an 11mm on my Nikon S1 which I take to work with me (where most of my landscape shots are done) but it has great reviews and there’s always christmas for my hubby to think about 🙂

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  1. You can set the highlights to your preference accessing the “Q” button (the one above the menu/ok dial) and set to -2 the “H Tone” option (it’s for “highlight tones”) et voilà. I think the Fujifilm could be better than the Zeiss options, the Zeiss rely in digital corrections and the fujinons in optical corrections, what is a pity because I love Zeiss renderings.
    The super sisters looks more calmer, I imagine in a little time they are going to be in your thighs 🙂

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          1. Lap!!!, that’s the word I meant to say! X’D I’ll never forget this lesson lady in red. Thanks for your understanding, sincerely, Francis the English language destroyer.

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