The Sunday Fraggle report~cats n kids edition

This weekend we were going to have a quiet one, not wanting to freak the cats anymore than they were, but on Saturday Carl came for a visit with his two youngest, Matty and Liv, and the cats were not phased at all, came down to see what was going on, and as Matty & Liv come from a 2 cat home, they weren’t bothered with them either. Matty & Liv are quite bonkers and funny, and I tried the XT1 out on them.

Matty & Pringles
Matty & Pringles (XT1)
Matty & more pringles :)
Matty & more pringles 🙂 (XT1)
Smiley (XT1)
Live saying 'cheese'
Live saying ‘cheese’ (XT1)
Live having a laugh
Livvy having a laugh (XT1)
Garden footy
Garden footy (XT1)
Livvy & Grandad
Livvy & Grandad (XT1)
Matty & Grandad
Matty & Grandad (XT1)


Today we had Shelley and Cal over, and the cats were fine again in spite of Cal trying to get them to play with their toys, (which on the whole they have no interest in!). Cal was very excited as he isn’t used to pets, so it was a big deal for him when he got to stroke them.

Cal (XT1)
Another smiley chap
Another smiley chap (XT1)
on my way
on my way (XT1)

So a trauma free weekend, phew!

Tomorrow is our 3rd wedding anniversary, so we went out last night to Piero’s Italian and had a lush dinner.

Beef stroganoff and Gambolini Thermador
Beef stroganoff and Gambolini Thermador (Iphone6)

Then we came home and watched a movie, Transformers 4 which went on and on and though it was good in places, needed to end 1/2 hour prior to when it did!

Of course I’ve been taking some shots of the ladies

Snuggle time
Snuggle time (Iphone6)
more snuggles
more snuggles (Iphone6)

They’ve stopped hissing at each other now and are back to being pals.

So a nice weekend after the trauma of Friday.

Things I’ve learned about the XT1 today,

1)that when you import to LR5 adobe changes the colour profile, so even if you use one of the presets when shooting it gets replaced. You have to choose the colour profile you want in the ‘develop’ section of LR. Not sure if it is just for RAW files or on jpegs too, will have to try that out. Anyway I used ‘Astia soft’ for the kids portraits and garden shots. Anyway no point in choosing a film preset in camera when using adobe products for processing!

2)The face recognition thingy is brilliant!

laters gaters






6 thoughts on “The Sunday Fraggle report~cats n kids edition

  1. Happy Anniversary Fraggy to you and Phil!! Very nice captures, the kids ..all of them 2 legged and 4 legged look very content in front of .. What ever lens your using 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wonderful photos all around! You truly have an eye for photography.
    Happy Anniversary!!!! You both seem very happy and content with one another. I just love that!

    So glad the kitty trauma had a happy ending last post. You guys are awesome parents!


  3. Hi Fraggle, you are right. Everything you enter as presets will be used for in camera development for JPEG. RAW files will get their defaults in the import rules section in LR5. Maybe you can tell LR to use the camera presets as well. I have to check. I am not into portrait photography, but with the X-T1 this could be an option. Very good images, all of them. Happy Anniversary and all the best for yourself and your husband. Reinhold

    Liked by 1 person

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