The Sunday Fraggle report~pussy cat edition

Back before I started this blog, I had 2 gorgeous ginger Toms, brothers, who had sadly died earlier in that year, 2012. They were great cats, full of personality and Phil and I loved them to bits.

Herky (Hercules)
Herky (Hercules)

Herky was a big scaredy cat, a bit needy and scared of everybody he didn’t know, and most people he did know too 🙂 but was loving and affectionate with us, he used to love sitting on Phils knee to have strokey rations when Phil was trying to be on the computer.

Yoyo (Iolus)
Yoyo (Iolus)

Yoyo was a feisty little character and not scared of anything or anyone and used to pop into next doors house to see if he could get extra food and tickles, and befriended people who would walk along the path in front of our garden. At night he’d squash between us on the sofa and have ‘telly tickles’.

We were bereft when they both died within 3 months of each other, and not good deaths either, we had to have both put down.  We grieved a long time, & many tears shed.  But of late, I have been checking out our local cat rescue place, and thinking it might be cool to have cats again, but blowing hot and cold on it. Eventually I took Phil along to one of their open days as I’d seen a cat called Mozart who sounded lovely, to see if we could adopt him, but someone had already spoken for him before we arrived.  However, the lady at the place told us they needed a home for 2 cats whose owner could no longer look after them and she would send pictures of them to us to see if we were interested.  Phil got the email later that night, we looked at the photo’s and knew straight away these were going to come and live with us. I picked them up on Friday and they are beginning to settle in.

I think there will be quite a few photo’s peppering my site in future as  both these ladies are so beautiful, what do you think?


Skye is a bit needy, but not scared of anything except the hoover 🙂 and is a picky eater.


Storm is  very cool and settled in more or less straight away, sleeps on the bed in the spare room and loves her food.

They are both affectionate and love their tickles, but we’re all still in the ‘getting to know you phase’.  We’re having to keep them indoors for now as they need their vaccinations and anti-flea drops, and they have been indoor cats for the last 5 yrs, but you can tell they are itching to explore the world outside, so it’s going to be fun when they go out for the first time.

And that’s been my weekend, Phil went to the Darlington model show on his own as we didn’t want to leave them alone on their first day here, and I missed going but never mind, will be back their next year.

Anyways, here are some more photo’s of Les Girls 🙂





laters gaters


13 thoughts on “The Sunday Fraggle report~pussy cat edition

  1. Sorry about Herky and Yoyo…they look gorgeous…I grew up with cats and was devastated when they died.. Glad you have new ones though. I have never had my own for one reason or another. When I am settled I want loads. In the mean time your photos will do 🙂

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    1. In the past I’ve had up to 5 cats at a time, they are such wonderful characterful creatures, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to have any more after Herky and Yoyo, I’m glad time is the healer everyone says it is. Thanks for stopping by x


  2. What sad about your loss. I lost also a little lord and it was a tough time, I stopped to hear music, and to see people, like there was not sense anymore.
    Skies and Storm (Super friendS?) are quite gorgeous 😉

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    1. Skye and Storm are sisters. It’s so hard to lose a pet, but 3 yrs on and I am remembering the good times of having my cats,and I know I’m going to have to go through it again in about 10 years, but the joy of knowing them will win out in the end. Thanks for stopping by.

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  3. We lost our dog- Butter Bean two weeks ago to cancer. We’ve been in a cloud of devastation. Her sister has liver cancer so we know her days are numbered. When I read your post, the tears welled up and I felt loss. Your two boys were so lovely and remind me of our two orange toms.
    But then, you shared your overcoming grief and reaching out for new fur kids to have a fresh and loving home. These two girls are complete beauties and I’m positive it won’t be long before they rule the house.
    I look forward to many many more photos.
    I needed to see your post tonight. Thank you for sharing it. You’ve captured these lovelies so well.


  4. I know how much you guys loved your felines. I’m so glad you were able to move forward no adopt 2 more, with what looks like great personalities, and striking beauty!!!!! Best of luck to the 4 of youxxxxx❤️

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