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Well I missed last Sunday as I only had 4 pictures, and as a result have now got too many, so lots to look at this week 🙂

The weather has not been kind, but I have had some long journeys to see clients, so have come across some quite lovely views, and my little Nikon S1 has been doing a cracking job. Last week I went to North Yorkshire again, and the sun was arguing with the clouds to see who would win out.

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire~Nikon S1

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire~Nikon S1

On my way back I went through a village called Ravensworth and came across this ruined castle.The remains here date from the 14th Century, although it’s thought there has been a castle there since Norman times. The chap who built this one was Henry Baron FitzHugh. n 1391 he enclosed 200 acres (81 ha) around the castle, creating a park.The castle started to be pulled down in the 16th century, and the stone was used for other buildings in the area.

Ravensworth Castle

Ravensworth Castle~Nikon S1

Ravensworth Castle

Ravensworth Castle~Nikon S1

hmm blew the sky out a bit in t hat 2nd shot but I like the composition so all is not lost.

Last weekend Phil worked on Sunday and I spent a little while trying to get some decent shots of the birds in my garden, through the front window as it was too cold out.


Mrs.Blackbird~Nikon S1


Sir.RobinZNikon S1


Sir.Robin~Nikon S1

I tried to get a decent shot of the Lady Robin too, but she’s a bit more bashful and quicker to jump back into the bushes out of sight as soon as she’s got something from the feeder.

This week I had a 3 hour drive over to the west go the country, visiting clients in Whitehaven on the West coast, Penrith,Dalston,and Kewick. Lots of long driving times, I set off at 7.15am and eventually got home at 6.30pm, but was hugely compensated by seeing the mountains and Lake Bassenthwaite on my travels.  It’s been quite a while since I had to go there, and it was lovely to visit old photo haunts and take new ones with snow in place.


duvet cover :)~Nikkon S1

Cloud cover

Cloud cover~Nikkon S1

light and shade

light and shade~Nikkon S1


black sheep & white~Nikkon S1

Blue sky Mountain

Blue sky Mountain~Nikon S1

Skiddaw & Lake Bassenthwaite

Skiddaw & Lake Bassenthwaite~Nikon S1

Lake Bassenthwaite

Lake Bassenthwaite~Nikkon S1

View from my clients front driveway

View from my clients front driveway~Skiddaw~Nikkon S1

That was the photo highlight of the week really. I am very impressed with what the tiny Nikkon S1 can do, especially with the 11-27mm lens that it comes with which I used for the landscape shots, and I also used the little 300mm zoom I got for it, for taking the bird shots, to the point where I no longer take the big D700 out for work journeys and everyday use. It captures a fair amount of detail, granted that that has to be brought out in Lightroom, but at least it’s in there to begin with.

There are some jobs though that only the D700 can do, and one of those jobs was for me to take some decent photo’s of Phil’s bass guitars. (A commission no less!!) I decided I would shoot each one separately and use a light painting technique. This was a bit of a faff as of course the room has to be completely dark and the room I use is quite small so lots of bumping elbows and knees.  I had a black backdrop specially bought on Amazon,  it came all the way from china,worked really well and a was a bargain. The photo’s have come out really well, and I am going to do some close ups and arty farty shots to go with, here are a couple of the ones I took.

Fender Jazz ( mexican special edition)~Nikon D700

Fender Jazz ( mexican special edition)~Nikon D700

Can't spell this


and finally my shot for The Sunday challenge~ theme Gadgets….



I can’t claim originality, I saw a similar picture way back when, and always fancied doing my own version.

And now it’s Sunday night, I’ve burned my fingers cooking Sunday dinner, spilled boiling milk on myself, sigh, but had a lush roast ham dinner. Shelley and Cal came for a visit and Cal fell over and bumped his head in 2 places at once for heaven’s sakes. I don’t think he will be someone who does things by halves, or even singles!  Now Phil’s practicing bass lines over a C maj 7th chord 🙂 and I am saying goodnight WordPressiverse,

laters gaters 😉




6 comments on “The Sunday Fraggle report

  1. Francis.R. says:

    That Nikon rocks in your hands. And it’s astonishing the dynamic range of that little camera in your photographs, much higher than my Sony R1 with bigger sensor (although that’s from 2005), regards from Peru 🙂


    1. thanks Francis 🙂 Have great week.


  2. Great images. I particularly enjoy the landscape photos. As you say, one does not need a big camera in order to shoot big photos. Very nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you Otto 🙂


  3. Beautiful photos of one of our favorite spots in England. Yorkshire and the Lakes were one of the highlights of our trip in 2014. On one of our daytrips from Whitehaven back to York we took the Hardknott pass back. Not really the direct line back, but absolutely worth it. Stunning road over the pass, our 4 wheel drive really liked that one. I am impressed by the picture quality of your Nikon 1. And definitely how you use it for composition and personal touch of your photos. Have a nice week. All the best, Reinhold


    1. thanks so much for your feedback, and am really glad you enjoyed Cumbria and Yorkshire, I must look into Hardknott Pass, as I usually am on the A66 for my work travels. 🙂 By the way, if you ever come back for a visit, I have an interactive map of good locations for photography, it’s on my menu bar.

      Liked by 1 person

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