The Sunday Fraggle Report 18/1

It is so wintery here now, we’re trapped in a cold air bowl apparently because the damned jet stream has shot down the west side of us and then up the east and away, so goodbye to mild temperatures for a week or so. It has been snowing a lot too, but it hasn’t settled where we live, (no snowy pictures 😦 ) though other parts of the country have got a good layering of the white stuff. I haven’t taken many pictures as I haven’t had time while working, it’s been non stop between one client to the next. Phil’s been on holiday this week, doing house jobs and modelling and playing bass.  We’ve been to ASDA to do grocery shopping for a trip out haha, but mainly stayed in the warm.  On Saturday evening we had Cal for a sleepover, and that was fun as he’s bonkers and funny, and we’ve started watching Breaking Bad which everyone raved about but we missed the first time around. One of Phil’s work chums lent it to him. Well it’s OK, the acting is fine but I don’t  get the hype, the plot is downright silly. I’d still rather have The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones any day. Have been getting through a lot of books and can highly recommend Tom Wood and his series of books about an assassin called Victor, Andrew Taylor for his periodic novels and am currently reading The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell, strange and wonderful and really well written. Have spent quite a bit of time redesigning my photo website over on Smug mug as they’ve added a carousel display function,and it’s looking mint, still got loads to do but I like faffing on it’s quite therapeutic and I get to remember my holiday visits and days out with Sophie and Mike on our photography trips. Can’t wait until some warm weather comes along and we can go exploring again. So only a couple of photo’s this week,

fish fingers
fish fingers

and a visitor to the garden today

I'm back
I’m back

Mr. & Mrs. Robin are back and enjoying my tree of treats. I also had to do some selective colouring for the Sunday Challenge group, am not a fan of this type of processing ( I mean, I don’t get why you would want to), but I suppose it’s ‘Art’ so I had a go.

Selective colour- rainbows
Selective colour- rainbows
selective colour~ lighthouse
selective colour~ lighthouse

I also managed another polaroid for my SX70 project, and also wasted 3 films in the attempt!

laters gaters 😉

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Fraggle Report 18/1

  1. I think breaking bad had (have?) so much audience because the morbidity about drugs. I liked game of thrones but I find a bit sensationalist the homosexual side that in the books is more normal.
    Uh, here there the summer is so hot, and I prefer more the cold, hoping weather give you more chances to see something nice.
    Selective colour is not my cup of tea but I find quite cool your lighthouse edition.
    I shot a roll of Portra 160 in my Canon EF (FD mount) but the most of them look cloudy, just one of the was perfect :’-(, perhaps the lab did wrong the processing or was my fault, anyway I’d love to see your polaroid work 🙂


    1. Thanks Francis, you can access my polaroids from the menu ^ click on SX70 for my project with my new SX70 camera, or for holga & polaroid600 shots click on ‘Adventures in film’ 🙂


  2. LOVE your photo of Phil and Cal! Now that’s a wonderful moment in time.

    Your selective color pieces are just spectacular. Interesting that you don’t fancy doing them because you are so darned good at it. Ha!

    Don’t want to make you jealous but we are getting a little reprieve lately. It’s warm and sunny today. But cold again this weekend. Wahhhh…..

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