The day after Sunday post.

Ho hum, late again, 🙂 Another week with crap weather so not many photo ops. Still a few animals found, should have posted this one last weekend but forgot, these are the famous cows of Milton Keynes ~The Concrete Cows in Milton Keynes, England are an iconic work of sculpture, created in 1978 by Canadian-born artist, Liz Leyh. There are three cows and three calves, approximately half life size.The Cows are constructed from scrap skinned with fibre glass reinforced concrete donated by a local builder.

The Cows of Milton Keynes
The Cows of Milton Keynes

This week I passed O’Briens, a shop in Boldon that sells garden sculptures, usually plaster Venus’s or Caesars and stuff like that, but also these…..

The Giraffes of East Boldon
The Giraffes of East Boldon

I mean, would you?? I also see an elephant in the background, so if anyone wants a static safari park in their back garden, you know where to come. 😀

I did manage to catch the sun going down at the beach at South Shields, it was bloody cold but I sat on the beach dunes and took some shots of the guys trying to surf. The waves are not really great for surfing as far as I can see, but a couple of the guys managed to get on their boards, but slim pickings really and they must have been freezing their particulars off!

inappropriate shoes
inappropriate shoes
getting up
getting up




and the view over to Tynemouth Priory was nice with the sun angled low.


Friday was the 3rd anniversary of Yoyo’s death, still miss this special little guy, full of character and made us laugh a lot.


This weeks best web..

covering the angles
covering the angles

Laters Gaters 🙂



7 thoughts on “The day after Sunday post.

  1. You have nice places to go, the waves and the man riding them are, I don’t know why, very calming.
    Sorry for the loss of Yoyo. I know about dear mates that are no longer with us. Seeing your photos I see that Yoyo had a warm home where he was loved.
    Post-Data: Sweet shoes 🙂


  2. I too am so sorry for your loss. Yoyo is gorgeous and sweet and clearly had a wonderful home and life with you and Phil. Our fur critters are such a big part of our lives, they mean so much.

    That ocean liner behind the surfer… uh, wow! Haha! We don’t see those here in East Tennessee. We see barges and such but not huge frickin’ ocean liners!

    Love your shoes lady. Those are just precious. I need to own a pair but would probably never wear them. I’ll just have to lust from afar.

    The cows are lovely and a safari garden might just garner the kind of attention I’ve always secretly longed for.

    Say hi to spidey for me! Have a great week Frag!!!


    1. haha will see if they can gift wrap the giraffes for you 😀 😀 Those are my work shoes (wouldn’t be seen dead in them out of work!!) not the best for beach life, still got the sand in them! You have a fab week too xo


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