It’s not Sunday

So, posting today because I’m off and away to Folkestone to the Euromilitaire Military model Show. Phil is taking a few of his models to put in the competition and I’m driving us down there. It’s always a fab weekend and we get to go to our favourite Chinese restaurant, twice! 🙂

Here are the models Phil is putting in the figure section.




We won’t be home til late Sunday night as it’s a 6 hour drive for us.

In the meantime this week has seen my bird feeder being taken over by the spider community of the garden, and most mornings I’ve gone to the kitchen and some new web has appeared, and the previous ones disappeared. All that work for just a few hours fly catching!









  1. Gorgeous shots! Wow! Spiders are sure industrious.
    Have a fabulous weekend and I hope Phil does well in the competition.
    Enjoy the Chinese food. Yum!

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  2. Wow! That’s beautiful. Have you found the culprit? I actually found a dead black widow in my doorway the other day. Crazy! I’d never seen one before. It’s quite fascinating, and I must say, better dead than alive. Hope you are well, Fraggle. 🙂


    1. There’s quite a few culprits! I’m well Lola, hope you are too 🙂


  3. Cool models, love the attention to detail in them. And the cobwebs are fab

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