Another Park, Another Sunday

Didn’t take any shots much during the week, and what I did take is on the yawn side of boring, so lets skip right to the good stuff. I worked Monday – Thursday and so on to Friday and my day off. 🙂  I went into South Shields town as they have a junk market on to see if I could find anything photogenic and cheap.

South Shields Market Place

I bought a little wooden inlaid box for £2.50 and 3 glassware candleholders for £1. The best bit was it was full of mature couples looking for things they can take to an Antiques Roadshow at some point, and I heard a market stall  holder telling a lady the little pots she was looking at were made in the 1920’s, and she bought them straight away. Also there seemed to be lots of people on mobility scooters. Now these things drive me batshit. Nearly everyone I see on them is capable of getting off and walking, and everyone of them is at best overweight and at worse really really overweight, and I’m like duh?? I am sure there are genuinely immobile people who really need these things, but no-one I’ve seen as yet. Rant over.

South Shields high street was surprisingly full of people (Bargain Hunters!) because when I go on a weekday it’s normally quiet empty. The recession has taken it’s toll on high street shops in lots of places, and empty spaces where shops used to be is a sad sight to see but hey!! good news……..

good news?

A shop full of trainers and tracksuits. Yay. Just the regeneration it needs. Sigh. That lady was rocking her scooter 🙂

I love the old architecture in Shields, the Lloyds Bank Building is quite impressive..

Processed with VSCOcam with x5 preset
Lloyds Bank

There was also a really nice young chap busking with his guitar, he had a great voice and sang really well, I was going to take a shot of him but this silly old lady person in a bright green dress and pink cardigan started dancing right next to him and in front of him, I was quite annoyed on his behalf, they were romantic songs and not dancy anyway.  I mean, how rude!  I didn’t want to then encourage her by letting her think she was being photographed, but I suppose if I was more journalistic I should have taken the shot.

On Saturday we had Cal come to stay over, and he is a ball of energy (which we are not haha). We decided to take him out to Saltwell Park for the afternoon and he had a great time, and I took some nice pictures of him and Grandad. Cal can’t say Grandad, so calls Phil ‘Dawdaw’ which amuses me greatly.

First stop play area,


then bouncy castles, £2 for 10 mins across 3 castles, not bad value, Cal loved it.

happyness is a bouncy castle
happyness is a bouncy castle

Then onto the lake and a trip in a dinosaur peddle boat, £5 for 30 minutes, best bit of the day for me, love being in boats 🙂

to infinity and beyond..
to infinity…

next up a trip on Thomas The Tank engine

and beyond
and beyond


then we went home

homeward bound
homeward bound

and after tea we baked cakes.


Processed with VSCOcam with a10 preset


Processed with VSCOcam

alien cakes
alien cakes

today we entertained his Lordship til Mum and Dad came to get him, and then have just been toodling around preparing for work tomorrow and cooking a sunday lunch. I was supposed to take a shot for the sunday challenge group, but am too worn out! There’s a reason we have kids in our 20’s and not in our 50’s 🙂


6 thoughts on “Another Park, Another Sunday

  1. Hahahaha, love the adventure Fraggy, from start to finish. And yes I have no doubt your were wore out.. Them little peeps know how to do that to us:)! Great shots I enjoyed your adventures.


  2. Cal is such a doll!!! Looks like you all wore him out! 🙂
    That lady on her scooter with a dog in her lap has Too Bored Tony written all over it! I laughed so hard!!!!

    Your shots are perfection! Only one complaint- I would of like to have seen the lady dancing. 😉

    Junk shopping is one of my favorite things to do. Of course when you mentioned Antiques Road Show, I once again thought of Tony so as you can tell, I have issues.
    Here in my neck of the woods, little shops are dying everywhere. It’s sad to see business change so much. Really sad.

    Thank you so much for sharing your week! Sounds like you worked too hard this past week by all accounts. It’s always a pleasure to pop over and see what you’ve been up to. Say hi to Phil!
    Have a great week my friend. 🙂


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