Fraggles weekly round up.

Well the week started off Ok with nice weather, and I have made a decision to take some form of photograph every day, which isn’t always easy when work is so busy. Somehow I forgot to do one on Monday 😀 so that was a great start!


This was my first day at a new clinic starting at Age UK Gateshead. The shop is in quite a rundown part of Gateshead, but the lady running it is lovely, I had a nice quiet room to do my tests in and both my clients had too much wax in their ears for me to proceed!


I was quite taken with the name of the closed up pub opposite Age UK The Moon & Sixpence, I googled the name and it’s actually the title of a book by W.Somerset Maugham, about an english stockbroker who abandons his wife and children and runs off to Tahiti via Paris to be an artist, and it’s loosely based on the life of Paul Gauguin.  Why a pub in Gateshead should be named after this book is beyond me, as far as I can find out Mr.Maugham never came near the North East so has no connection, but still, it’s a nice name and thats what drew me to take the shot. The other building I took a shot of is in Sunderland, The Harbour View (because the view is of the harbour of course) which apparently is a great place for live music, and good food, though I’ve never been. What caught my eye is the graffiti of what looks like Dean Martin on the wall of the pub, I don’t think he ever came to the North East either, but hey ho, it looks fab.


another busy day so all I took a picture of was my lovely chicken salad I had for tea haha and I’ve stuck it in the Tuesday collage! In truth I had the same tea on Tuesday so it still fits.


Oh Thursday- day of doom! I should have been a day off but went to work for most of it and managed to take this shot of the church next to where one of my clients lives















but that was the only good thing about the day really as it all went to ratshit when I got home.  I had an email frenzy for 2 hrs as there are a lot of problems with works new processes, I’ll spare you the boring details but it drives me mad and makes work harder than it has to be. Sigh. After that I decided to sit and have my tea and read my latest book, when I thought I could hear the rain start pattering on the conservatory roof, but on looking out the kitchen window the sky was clear and blue with fluffy clouds. So I went to the conservatory and holy guacamole the place was full of bazillions of flying ants, copulating all over my windows and blinds!  It was the most horrible of sights and I hate buggy things at the best of times, let alone a gazillion of them.  Of course this was the one night The Hubster had gone out on a schoolboys reunion so I was on my own with it. I shut the conservatory door and googled  flying ants to discover they are really ordinary ants who once a year grow wings and mate like crazy fofr a day, then go back to being normal ants. How bloody bonkers is that!??? Why can’t they just mate like normal bugs inside their own homes?? So, I also learned that to kill them I would need some mega poisonous bug killer (which I didn”t have) or could use a solution of 1 part vinegar and 1 part water as the acid in the vinegar also causes them to expire. On the whole I do not like killing insects and stuff, but this was too much and I filled up my orchid sprayer and became The Exterminator!  I did not take pictures of this as it was just awful. I sprayed and sprayed, for over an hour and bit by bit they ceased to live, but still some survived, When I ran out of vinegar I used bleach, but still there were loads left.  In the end I got quite distressed with the whole thing so shut the door on them and got my camera and went drove to the coast where I consoled myself with breathing in the sea air, and lovely skies and sea.



Phil got home before I got back and thought I must have had fish and chips for tea as the place stank of vinegar! When I got home we decided to leave everything till Friday.


Apart from having the killing fields to contend with, my poor back tyre has been going down quite quickly and I’ve been having to pump it up periodically to keep it going. So in the morning I took her up to my local garage and a very nice smiley young chap put a new valve in the tyre, and all is well with the Rav again. Then I came home and got to grips with cleaning the conservatory, I stripped everything out and went to work sweeping up the corpses, there were still plenty of surviving stragglers that I had to bash over the head with the dustpan brush, but eventually they were all gone, the place was spotless, and nippon has been put into any cracks around the floor til Phil gets chance to go round with filler.  What a bliddy nightmare!! For dinner we had another disaster, Peri Peri chicken. It said MEDIUM heat on the sauce bottle (you can also get hot and extra hot!) and it nearly blew our heads off! No way would I try extra hot. Hmm in retrospect maybe I should have used that on the ants. Finished the night off with a movie Thor 2 which had amazing special effects and visuals, and Chris Hemsworth had is shirt off at one point which is never a bad thing to see :). Then we sat in our newly lovely conservatory and chatted and had a few glasses of cheer before going to bed.




a much lovelier day, Phil and I did gardening! We went to our local garden centre to get some lawn feed, and I bought some new herbs for my pots, forgot to take a pic of them, but here’s one of Phil weeding the front bit, I took this sneaky out of the bedroom window.


and then we had a mini ODE (which is oudoor eating experience, a euphemism for BBQ because whenever BBQ is mentioned, it rains).

My Trendy Hubby
My Trendy Hubby

yummy cheeseburgers cooked by my trendy guy! Then we watched a really good British movie   Closed Circuit, with Eric Bana, the watched a couple of music dvd’s. Phil has been transferring our old music video’s to dvd and they’ve come out really well, so we did Bon Jovi New Jersey followed by Bryan Adams, great stuff but we didn’t get to bed til 3am!


Today has been another cool day, wet weather but nice anyway. We got up late of course, and had a leisurely breakfast, then I did a photo for the Sunday challenge group- which was to make a maade up advert for something.

movie advert

Shelley and Cal came to visit which was fun



and then I cooked a lush Sunday lunch.

Beefcake meets beef!
Beefcake meets beef!
Sunday lunch
Sunday lunch

and that was the week that was! Start all over again tomorrow, bring it on!


4 thoughts on “Fraggles weekly round up.

  1. I loved everything about this post!!!
    Your sense of humor and intelligence shines through.
    Your conservatory is lovely and I’m glad you didn’t photograph the bugs. 😉
    The little one is a cutie and your hubs is delightful. I laughed right out loud at ODE… think I’ll borrow that one, if you don’t mind. So funny!

    Your photo journal combined with your funny and wry sense of humor makes for a quite entertaining and delightful post.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Did I say I loved it? Well- I did.


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