Bits & Bobs

It’s been a busy week at work, but on one of my visits to a client in Consett I drove past this sign, and I just had to park up and run back with the Iphone to get a shot of it.

Processed with Rookie


I mean, how do they KNOW what surprises are in store??

I’ve also been chasing butterflies around the garden but without much success. They do like our Buddleia but its quite big and they nearly always land on the very top flowers where I can’t reach to get a shot! Missed a peacock because it would NOT open its wings, and it’s very black on the underside, but I did manage a tortoise shell which are common visitors every year

Tortoise shell

but also for the first time ever I saw a comma butterfly, so that was cool!

Comma Butterfly
Comma Butterfly

On Friday Phil had a dinner party for his niece Lorraine and her husband Paul. As Phil was on holiday all week and I was working he did the shopping and most of the cooking, delicious lamb in red wine sauce, and I helped with roast spuds and asparagus tips for veg. I have to admit far too much alcohol was involved, and Paul & Phil played guitars while Lorraine sang, and I had a home made maraca of raw rice in a tin pot. A good night that took a day to recover from!!


Love the animal skins on my new polaroid film!

And today I had to do a photo for my Sunday Challenge group on Ipernity, the theme being ‘at ground level’ so took a last minute shot of the carpet in our TV room hah!


Books I’ve been reading this week and can recommend ~ The Myron Bolitar novels by Harlan Corben great reads full of derring-do and cool characters, films I’ve watched, just the one, Hunger Games 2, I’ve read the 4 novels and seen the first 2 films now which are both excellent and stick to the plot really well. So that’s this week done & dusted! Back to work tomorrow!




5 thoughts on “Bits & Bobs

  1. What a fantastic view of your week in beautiful photographs!
    That sign is a kicker. How do they know, eh? LOL!
    The butterflies are glorious- what fantastic shots. Ah WOW!!!
    And the photos of your friends are fun and friendly and it looks like you all had a fabulous time.
    Thank you for sharing your week. I truly enjoyed viewing it.
    (That carpet shot is spectacular too!)


  2. Love the mish-mash that this post is. Great butterfly shot. Have you heard of a hummingbird moth? I just discovered them a few days ago as we have them here. Fascinating creature. Just finished reading the 2nd Hunger Games. I’m a bit behind… great books though!


    1. never seen one Lola, they look pretty spectacular on google and apparently we are getting more of them in the UK now with global warmng, though mostly down south.
      Can highly recommend the Hunger Games movies if you get the chance 🙂


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