The Weebles are a collection of 22 life size bronze sculptures by Spanish artist Juan Munoz (1953-2001) and as a whole the sculture is called “The Conversation”, although the locals here have nicknamed the sculptures “the Weebles” after a 70’s toy Weeble, the advertisisng catchphrase being ‘weebles wobble but they don’t fall down’.  Consequently most people visiting the sculpture give them a push to see if they do wobble, but as they weigh about a 1/4 of a tonne, they don’t move!


The figures are all in different poses, some in groups




and some seemingly on the way to somewhere..



and when wandering into their presence you almost feel like you could shake hands, have a good old natter and put the world to rights.






Juan Munoz did various other sculptures of conversations all over the world, and you can check them out here.




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