One of the blogs I follow is by a lady who goes by the name of tumbleweedineden, and recently she posted a thread called The Spring Table and I so loved the shots  that I wanted to do some similar myself.  This was a good exercise in composition, depth of field and using the manual setting on my camera, I am an aperture priority addict usually.  I called up Tumbleweed’s pictures on my ipad to use as a guide. Now it has to be said that Tumbleweed has used a film camera, so I have used my Nikon D700 and then processed the photo’s with Totally Rad film presets Replichrome with the same film settings as listed in Tumbleweeds tags, and have to say, really they can’t be matched, the quality of Tumbleweeds photo’s far outweigh my own, and I am really looking forward to the delivery of my new old film camera next week.  Thanks Tumbleweed for the inspiration and learning curve. Hope you don’t mind me emulating your stuff!











  1. Very nice series.


    1. thank you, I hope you visit Tumbleweedineden’s blog and see the inspirational shots there.


      1. pretty. dig the lilacs but i’m a sucker. thanks for the shout out.


  2. Great shots and that danish would go nice with my coffee


  3. I saw these when you first posted- but just wanted to say that you have a great eye for composition. These are gorgeous.
    I checked out Tumbleweedineden and am following. Thanks for the link to her stuff.


  4. Ah, a conning swirl. The flowers are kinda cool too.


    1. cinnamon swirl? thanks.


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