Processing again

I really can’t be arsed to piddle about taking many exposures of the same thing to download into an HDR program as in Photomatix or Nik HDR, most of the time I don’t have a tripod with me anyway, and the whole thing just eats up time when life is too short!  I do however like the faux HDR effect that can be got by using Nik color FX pro, which this top photo was faffed on with, not too shabby I think. I use several filters, all manipulatable (that’s not a real word is it?) then pulled into Lightroom for further tweaking to denoise it. In retrospect I should have brought the red’s down a little, but hey ho, next time. 🙂

Original not processed.

Original not processed.

with the processing

with the processing



  1. I like this shot. “brought the reds down”? hmm… there is an unworldly ambience that creates an electric. (yes, I’m gonna stay with that word…) an electric mood. The processing on the second is more realistic and I guess, is welcoming, but there is a bit of the devil’s playground in the first. Is there a story? are you out of view, hat pulled down over your eyes, cradling a drink?


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