I love faffing about with photo’s in Lightroom or Elements, or ‘processing’- which is the technical term.  I have the full Nik collection which I like for their Color FX pro and the Analogue settings, but recently sallied forth to Totally Rad and got their Replichrome II slide presets, have had their Replichrome I film presets and like how they work, but am really impressed with the vibrancy of the slide sets, and especially what you can do with the tweak kit.  The top image of Sycamore Gap was processed with

ektachrome 64x calibrated+

curve luminous

darken skies ++

vignette lens.

For more on the presets visit Mortal Muses where the cool photographers there give several examples and comparisons with the real thing.


The original shot

Sycamore Gap, unprocessed
Sycamore Gap, unprocessed
Sycamore Gap and Replichrome.
Sycamore Gap and Replichrome.


  1. Yeah I love messing around with presets in Lightroom, though I usual just grab the free ones!


    1. me too but I really love the Totally Rad ones, a birthday present to myself 🙂


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