Lanercost Priory

The History Bit ☕️ 🍪

The Priory was founded by Robert de Vaux between 1165 and 1174, the most likely date being 1169, to house Augustinian Canons. It had a troubled history being so close to Scotand, and was visited by Edward 1st (English King) several times between 1280 & 1306, and Robert The Bruce (the pesky Scottish King) in 1311 until the treaty between Bruce & Edward 3rd in 1328 when thing settled down for a while. Then Robert’s son David 2nd came along in 1346 and ransacked the place.

Lanercost Priory was dissolved in 1538 by Henry V111 and the conventual buildings were stripped of their roofs, excepting the church building which continued in use as the parish church. In the late 17th century, as the Nave deteriorated, the congregation used just the north aisle which had been re-roofed.

In 1747, the nave was re-roofed, but by 1847 the Priory was in a state of disrepair to the extent that the east end roof collapsed. However, by 1849, The church was in use again after a major restoration by Anthony Salvin. In the 1870s, there was further restoration by the Carlisle architect C.J.Ferguson.
At the Dissolution, ownership had passed to the Dacre family, and then in the early 18th century to the Howards. In 1929, The Priory ruins were put into public ownership, and today they are managed by English Heritage.

That’s a potted history, wikipedia has more.  We were amazed at the carvings and beauty of the place, and how much is still standing 845 years after it was founded.






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