Home sweet home.

Finally getting around to the blog, have been back from holiday for a week, and as usual it feels like I never went away, think everyone feels that! Nice to have a bank holiday weekend, don’t think I’d quite recovered from all the travelling and time lapses of the journey home before being straight in at the deep end for work.  Anyway USA was fab! I will be posting some photo’s of places I’ve been, but am starting out with a some of the shots I took of 2 great bands we saw in Nashville. Nashville is just full of people singing, in clubs and bars, and on the street.  We meant to visit a few, but we went to a bar called Nashville Crossroads, and the band there were so good we never left to the end!  The next night we popped back in just to see who was there and the same thing happened, different band but just as magic, so we need to go back. 🙂

Nashville Crossroads
Nashville Crossroads


The first band we saw was John Kale..  really good country and great fun stage wise..







And the second night was Jennifer Friend…