Up and down

More charging up and down the M62, this time twice in one weekend! Firstly back to Warrington, but in a nicer hotel, for a work meeting on Saturday, then back home at night and then to Manchester itself on Sunday to go to the Academy for a gig, where Daughtry were playing, and back up home again Monday!  For this we went with Phil’s son and his wife, Carl & Karly, and thankfully Carl was the chauffeur as I’d had enough! We stayed in a Holiday Inn express which wasn’t bad and only 15 mins walk from the Academy, and so had a few vino delecto’s and had a laugh.

On the road again
On the road again




Our hotel is the building on the left.

alternative uses for toothmugs, part 1
alternative uses for toothmugs, part 1


at the bar
at the bar

I only have wine, but like the ticketybrew sign, signature yeast sounds yucky!


The Palace Hotel, would like to stay in this one sometime!


Some really nice old architecture along the walk to the academy


creepy window dressing.
creepy window dressing.


Daughtry! Maybe.
Daughtry! Maybe.

It’s always a problem for me at standing gigs, every one is taller and I don’t get to see much. Never mind, I’m probably too old for this stuff anyway 😀

This seems an appropriate song for me by Mr.Daughtry,

One thought on “Up and down

  1. You’re never too old. Ever. As for everyone else being taller, you’ll just have to either shove your way to the front, or negotiate better access 😉 I’d love to see some gig photos from you.


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