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Weekend nearly over now, after a busy but disappointing week at work, car trouble, cancellations, only a couple of sales, sigh. Was glad to get to Friday night! Had a lovely weekend though doing not much at all  :).  Had a play with my glass Crystal Balls and camera, took me a fair while to figure out the lighting and how to shoot them without reflections and refractions so a good exercise.

greenballs redballs blueballs

5 comments on “Balls

  1. dinkerson says:

    Great new look, Frag. These are really interesting shots! Seems like you nailed it very well on the last one especially.


    1. Thank you Dink, the blue one seems to be the favourite 🙂


  2. lolabees says:

    Very nice! I was relieved when I saw what the subject actually was. Phew. ;-P


  3. Jessica says:

    I’m with Nathan. Great photos, and I love the new look!


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