This is my best one yet, so think I’m on the right track, love the softness and light that the polaroids can produce. Like a little bit of magic, click the button, whir whir spit & out comes the film, stick it somewhere dark for 40 mins and hey presto!!  These eggs had to be photographed as they were given to me by my friend Helen who lives a long way away, when I visited over christmas. She has two chickens, a Rhode Island Red, and a black one too.  They are a)huge, b)spotty ( 🙂 ) and c) the most tasty eggs ever. I had one for my lunch at it was glorious. So much nicer than shop bought ones. Of course I want chickens now, but hubster says no 😦 he’s probably right, but still, I like dem eggs!

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  1. Hey Frag. You know, the beauty in this picture simply cannot be eggnored. 😀


  2. There is nothing like fresh eggs from the chicken when it comes to eating and cooking them. Try beating the whites for meringue or the beautiful yellow yolks for zabaglione! The polaroids are coming along well.


  3. Did you re-design your site? It looks lovely! Happy New Year!


  4. I thought that was a Polaroid image. The softness that I usually don’t enjoy, works well with the picture of eggs you captured.


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