More exercising

I knew this Sunday challenge thing would do me good. This week is to take pictures using Intentional Camera Movement, or ICM for short.  This technique involves …you guessed it… intentionally moving the camera whilst taking a shot.  I found some good tutorials by an amazing photographer who does this all the time ICM by Juergon Roth, pretty cool huh?

So I had an hour between clients when I was in South Shields, and the sun was nearly setting so I found a couple of places along the coast and had a bash. I really like the results. Didn’t have to do too much processing, spot removal, (note to self, clean the biddy lens!) a bit of contrast and saturation and that’s about it.

ICM1stView from Marston Grotto Car Park.

ICM2ndTarget & Trow Rocks

Had to practice to get the settings right. I used a 50mm lens, Manual setting, f22 and various shutter speeds to get the result I wanted.

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