Over the hills and far away…

Have been over to Cumbria working a few times lately, a 2 & 1/2 hour drive, but on a sunny day the scenery is stunning and makes up for the tedious drive home again.   I got a new little Nikon Compact, the S1 and these pictures are taken with it.  Am working late a lot and my weekends have been busy too, but having a chilled one this weekend, so have time to blog and catch up with the ones I like to read.




Lake Bassenthwaite








Homeward Bound
Homeward Bound


6 thoughts on “Over the hills and far away…

  1. Not that we’re expected to pick faves, but if we were, I’d go with the second shot. There’s something about that image, frag, it’s really made me take pause.
    Do you think that getting away from the 365 has been beneficial? I ask because I’m seeing some really impressive stuff on your blog recently.


    1. Thanks Dink, hadn’t thought about it but I suppose so in the way that I only take a shot when I see something or feel something is worth it. I do know I’d like mor time with my camera though!


  2. Reblogged this on Fraggle's Other Place and commented:

    Back in 2013 I was driving through Cumbria quite often for work. I loved to stop by Lake Bassenthwaite and take a shot or 2 of Skiddaw, and some of the other mountains. I don’t miss the long journies, but I miss seeing these.


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