Tunisian sunrise edit

Bank holiday weekend and today has been a washout with grey clouds and the wet stuff.  So I’ve amused myself editing old photo’s, this sunrise from a holiday to Tunisia in 2008, when that part of the world was in a better time.  Phil’s daughter Shelley came over with little Cal for the afternoon.  Shel is getting married in 3 weeks time and I’ve been calligraphing the name places for the guests at the reception, and the envelopes for her favours.  There’s a thing, apparently now at weddings the guests all get a little gift, called favours. I was gobsmacked about this, the bride & groom buy presents for the guests!!???  In my day (that’d be days of yore) the guests bought presents for the bride and groom!  Things have changed it would seem, and NOT for the better. 🙂  Anyway am looking forward to the wedding, Ben and his girl Charlotte are coming up for it and Phil’s family from Isle of White, all good fun, and plenty of photo ops for me!

Am hoping to take the Nikon on an outing on Monday, hopefully with my friend Sophie, it would be good to go see some old ruins!


  1. Holy cow! This is amazing! It looks like a painting! And I know what you mean about change. Hope you have a good time at the wedding…


  2. Yes, ruins are always fun.

    Have you had a good last several weeks. I’ve been rudely out of touch with you and everybody else.
    Nevertheless, makeup comments make it all worth it. 😉 😀


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