moving house

hello goodbye
hello goodbye


So I have been absent for many days. Not really moving house, but changing from old mac to new, which is just as arduous and slightly more stressful than moving house.  I had my old one for 5 years, and my new one is a result of the savings I’ve made from giving up smoking, and a contribution from my luvverly hubberly for my birthday (which was yesterday 🙂 ).  OMG though, macs have a ‘migration assistant’ but that didn’t work for me, I didn’t want ALL the old crap, just some of it! Lots of faffing with dropbox, evernote, and the loss of a load of photo processing software I bought a long the way.  That was a hard bit, over the years as I’ve got into photography I’ve squandered my pocket money on photo processing software, Elements 9, Lightroom 4, topaz, SPE, photomatrix, Nik FX HDR & colour pro (are you horrified yet??) And to be truthful I’ve used all of these a lot and had some grand results (well I liked them)!  but a lot of them are not transferrable, and I also realise that as I’ve developed (no pun intended- but it is a good one!) as a snapper, I’ve felt the need for most of these programs less and less. Maybe because the time I have to give to photography is less and less as work time grows more and more :).  Needless to say I have kept lightroom, and am upgrading to elements 11, and that will be that.  Maybe when I retire I’ll go doolally with HDR and stuff again.   So here I am on my big screen, it’s amazing to see photo’s so large!, Amazing detail, so I am loving the 27″ screen I have now, and how fast the mac responds. If only my internet connection was so good! 😦

I’m also using the cloud for a lot of stuff I used to store on the old mac hard drive, so am hoping this mac is cleaner for longer.  My son is going to take charge of the old mac, so it’s got a good home to go to, and me and the newbie, well we’re in lurve 😀 😀

2 thoughts on “moving house

  1. Wow, nice job, I’m so proud of you giving up that bad habit…and what a grand reward!!!! I hope my next PC is a Mac..


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