The colour purple.


have been noticing a couple of purple fields on my travels through County Durham, and got chance to stop and find a place to take a photo, not sure what the plants are but they sure are pretty in the sunshine.

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous photo!!! I love the flowers faring into the horizon.


  2. How beautiful. I’m certain that it creates a rather ethereal feeling to view this this scene in person.

    Very well shot.


  3. Stunning stuff! – They look like a bit cornflowerish?


    • not too sure, have checked out images on google and I don’t think cornflowers have the same leaves, but so not sure. Strange to see purple fields though, was trying to find the poppies at the time as I’d seen a couple of them too.


  4. Lovely the dreamy feel to this and the vibrant colours. Makes me wish I was outside enjoy the fab weather, instead of sat at a computer desk procrastinating.


  5. Ooh! This is so beautiful! I’ve never had the opportunity to catch a flower meadow like this I love how you captured a few close up with a big blur of purple in the distance.


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