The colour purple.


have been noticing a couple of purple fields on my travels through County Durham, and got chance to stop and find a place to take a photo, not sure what the plants are but they sure are pretty in the sunshine.


  1. Wow! Gorgeous photo!!! I love the flowers faring into the horizon.


      1. thanks, they were lovely.


  2. How beautiful. I’m certain that it creates a rather ethereal feeling to view this this scene in person.

    Very well shot.


    1. thanks Dink, I’ve driven County Durham for 7 years and never come across these purple fields before, so yes it was an ethereal experi.nce. Hope to go back at the weekend with my big girl camera


  3. Stunning stuff! – They look like a bit cornflowerish?


    1. not too sure, have checked out images on google and I don’t think cornflowers have the same leaves, but so not sure. Strange to see purple fields though, was trying to find the poppies at the time as I’d seen a couple of them too.


  4. Lovely the dreamy feel to this and the vibrant colours. Makes me wish I was outside enjoy the fab weather, instead of sat at a computer desk procrastinating.


    1. Haha I’m stuck in a car most of day wishing the same!


  5. Ooh! This is so beautiful! I’ve never had the opportunity to catch a flower meadow like this I love how you captured a few close up with a big blur of purple in the distance.


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