Jurassic Crazy Golf


I went down south this weekend to visit with my son and grandson, and on Sunday we had a day out in Milton Keynes and had some fun at the Crazy Golf course. A bit bonkers to say the least. I only see my Grandson Lewis a few times a year, so it’s a special treat to me, and I spoil him a bit 🙂


Don’t think Tiger Woods needs to be too worried yet.

BLJa13      Tried hard though!



a little help from Dad.

LewisJune13b                                                           meeting the natives.





BenLewisJune13      My boys 🙂



and a toy for being such a good lad

I really miss him 😦

9 thoughts on “Jurassic Crazy Golf

  1. We’ve been taking the kids to play miniature gold and ride go carts almost every weekend lately. I believe in living life like it’s a big vacation.
    Anyway, great shots of the grandson. 🙂


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