Still here..

A little time to myself for a change, and have been checking out blogs and saying hi to a few peeps. Still working hard and long hours,writing articles for Age UK hearing news, trying to keep up with CPD (and failing!).   But at least, and at last, we have had some nice weather, and I took a Sunday off to cook a Bar B Q, or ODE as we say here, (outdoor dining experience).   One nice t hing is that I finally went full frame (yay!) and got myself a good deal on a second hand not much used D700, it’s lush! If only I had some time to get out and about with it! STill.. another good reason to have an ODE 🙂

liv6_edited-1      Livvy,

Phil&cal                                         A&B

Cal & Phil                                                                                                                               Annette & Brian

K&S                                        L&B

Karly & Shelley                                                                                                                                      Lorraine & Brian




and Paul. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Still here..

    1. You know Dink this is my 1/3rd Nikon DSLR, the first a D90 was a great little camera and then I upgraded to a D7000 and have been a bit underwhelmed with it. In spite of the 700 being a fair bit less in the pixel department I am over the moon with what it comes up with. Probably because less pixels = less mistakes show up haha! Of course, as everyone says, it’s not the camera that matters it’s the person pressing the shutter, but I am happy to have the best tool of the trade I can get. BTW I have serious Fuji X100 envy 🙂


  1. You know, the x100 really is something special. It isn’t good for everything, and it takes a little patience, but it’s a remarkable bit of gear.
    Funny… I handed it to a pro photographer a a friend’s wedding, recently, and she was so clueless about how to use it.Turns out she hadn’t turned it on. She ended up getting visibly frustrated while trying to use it, but like I said, it requires a little patience. You know, a little time and effort.


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