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Scarecrow~hawk~kite & Boob Hill.

This is one of my ‘oh quick! grab the camera run out of the car take a shot shots.Was working down in the Middlesborough area and lucky enough to go past Boob HIll and see it quite close up.  Of course it isn’t really called Boob Hill, but I don’t know it’s real title. As I was driving toward it I kept seeing the sun break through and  then subside, so I had to wait a few moments to catch a break. What first caught my eye though was the new fangled scarecrow that seems to be coming into fashion… a plastic hawk on a string tied to a pole. I guess the little birds think it’s a sparrow hawk or something and stay away from the new seeds.  Not sure if real birds are THAT silly, after all they sure didn’t think straw man-shaped scarecrows were real! 🙂

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