HARIBO ARMY.      1st Gummy Bear Regiment.   Night manoeuvres .

.Sometimes doing a 365 gets you a little crazy.   At 10pm I was stressing as I hadn’t got a photo today.  At times like these I get the macro lens on the camera and go searching cupboards and shelves, nooks and crannies to find something. ANYTHING!!!

Tonight I found a box of Haribo …….. 🙂

7 thoughts on “93~365

  1. Because of this detail, I’m just noticing that these no longer look anything like bears. More like gummy mutants, or gummy blobs. How very disappointing. 😉


      1. Yes. Kind of like when you’re making love in the dark. You stare at what you can see of their face, then it morphs into a monster. I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this phenomenon.
        Perhaps my example is a bit extreme for the gummy bear application. 😉


        1. well I’ve stopped laughing, just about! Last time one of my lovers morphed into a monster I was in my teens and high as a kite, ah them wer’t days, how did I grow up to be so sensible, 😉


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