89 possibly.


Wardley sunset to the rescue. Bit of a nothing shot really, just to capture the colour of Wardley sky tonight, amazing, and seriously NO saturation tweak here. I did add a soft focus filter and cropped an enormous lampost out.
I do hope some hardy landscape photographer was out on hill and dale and got a mountain and stuff in a shot with this all going on, but it was minus penguin outside so I did the ironing and took this out the bedroom window. Leaning against a radiator πŸ™‚


  1. Wow, fraggle! Those colors are amazing, and with no saturation tweak… very nice.


    1. thanks, it was an amazing coloured sky, I get quite lucky with sunsets from my window!


  2. A very beautiful photo


    1. thanks LC, πŸ™‚


      1. Lol. Took me a second , fragile to decipher LC cool beans


        1. haha loving Fragile!! That would have been ‘least likely to be…’ on my school report. Sorry for shortening your name without asking, I dunno why but I find it off putting to address a chap as lovinchelle, but for no good reason I can find! So apologies lovinchelle!!


          1. No not at all I love being LC and you can be fraggle


          2. Jefferson works too lol


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