Today was a bit of driving here there and everywhere, saw a few clients and ended up in Blyth.  Somehow, whilst the rest of England seems to be snowed under, the North East has escaped. But it has been icy cold with a biting wind, with grey miserable looking skies that don’t inspire photography, haven’t even bothered to pack the Nikon into the car lately.  However in Blyth I spotted this wind turbine poking up in what seemed like the middle of a built up area, and took a shot with my phone.


not very impressive so I tarted it up in one the apps~ Vignette and had a reasonable result,Taken with Vignette for Android

but then I read good old Digital photography magazine, and decided to try one of their tutorials on the original image.


I cloned out the ford focus, added a lens flare and a gradient, and bob’s your uncle, well I think it has a bit more pazazz then the endless greydom I’m living in!

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