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so me and Ben are sitting having lunch in Morrisons car park, Darlington, as you do, and there’s a snow storm around us, (that’s a bit of an exzag), a heavy snow flurry really, and there’s these twiggy trees and bushes and a gollumping red breasted bird of some description chivvying about in the middle of them. Got out of the car to get closer and take a shot, but he retreated when he heard the car’s “you’ve opened the bloody door!’ alarm. It wasn’t the best idea anyway because of the snow and the cold. Got back in and managed to get a shot of him through the (dirty) car window and snow. It’s not the best at all, I know, but it’s enough for me to say this is my first ever Bullfinch. (I looked him up!). Dead chuffed to see one.

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