75/365 nemesis



This has been my enemy for the past week. Actually for the past year.  I am going to rant now, look away if you’re a BT employee.  Last year, a very nice scottish gentleman rang us up and promised us the earth with internet speed and goodness, if we would swap to BT. At the time we were with Virgin, and whilst it wasn’t maybe brilliant, we got on the net, did what we needed to and bob’s your uncle.  But, ooh we thought, lightning fast speed and for less money. Sucked in and spat out were we. Ever since we changed over we have had intermittent speediness and slowness, mostly slowness. We have phoned, a good few times, and a nice Indian gentleman, in fact several very nice polite Indian gentlemen, have pushed some buttons in Calcutta, and we have gained a little oomph to our connection. For a period of 3 months we really have not had any problems. Then last week we had an electricity outage. And when we were back on, our internet had slowed down to bugger all unless you sat right by the router. I have put up with that for the week, stressing to get my work uploaded and emails sent, and it’s taken forever. I’ve resorted to uploading from my ipad when sitting by the router. Which always is very speedy if you sit on top of it. Like it’s saying ’nuffingk wrong with me missis, see???’  Until I go to the computer room and then ‘sorry you are not connected to the internet’ even though it says you have a fab signal. It lies and cheats this router.

They’re sending me a new one…. to be continued 🙂

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