So, no subject,~ leading lines leading nowhere, ~I just about managed the rules of 1/3 for the  horizon.  But this is how my day at work panned out photographically speaking, miles and miles around County Durham, ever changing skies, snow blizzards one minute, blue skies and sunshine the next, and sometimes both simultaneously.  I was really pushed for time, so I only took this one shot, and prayed for decent focus and comp. Hand on heart -the horizon was wonky and I had to straighten it and I used color fx pro to bring out the detail in the sky, but this does really look like what I saw from my car window, and I love that my life gives me chances to see this stuff.

2 thoughts on “70/365

  1. I like this shot. And I’ve heard it from a reliable source that the rule of thirds is flexible. People who adhere too closely to this rule remind me of writers who cling diligently to the preposition rule, even thought the greatest writers in history have not gone the least bit out of their way to do so.
    That being said. I do understand that the rule of thirds is generally a sound one to follow. Similar to the preposition rule. Lol 😉


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