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redcar 2

Well what a change to have some kind weather and blue skies. And what a change to get a 1/2 hour lunch break by the sea down at Redcar.  A strange place is Redcar, it has a beautiful sandy beach, but is surrounded by industrial stuff. A wind farm out to see, and a power plant further down the coast. It belches out smoke from its chimney’s all the time. COrus steel works are in Redcar too, so the sky is always hazy even on clear sunny days like today.  Anyway it was nice to have a break and get a couple of shots of my fave birds too!








4 comments on “64/365

  1. dinkerson says:

    Great images, Frag. That bird looks like he might have some serious questions for you. lol

    And I’ll bet that those offshore wind turbines are impressive, and relaxing to view.


    1. strangely I love the wind farms across the countryside, but they seem wrong in the sea. Thanks DInk.


  2. victhemike says:

    Really, really like the ones with the industrial elements!


    1. thanks 🙂 we’ll get down that way on one of our outings.


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